NISHIO Silent Diesel Generators

With over two decades in the construction machinery industry, NISHIO Equipment is proud to introduce NISHIO Generator – our house brand of silent diesel generators.  Power ranges available from 20 kVA to 3000 kVA. Our vast experience in Power System Solution has equipped us to come out with the best design features that suit our local climate. Using only the finest engines and alternator, our generator is sure to set a standard for quality generators that are fuel efficient with low operating and maintenance cost.

From the design stages to the completion, building generator is only the beginning of our responsibility. Our After Sales Team ensures that the Genset delivered are well supported in Service and Parts. Generator sets configuration can be either Open Set or Sound Proof Canopy. 


NISHIO Telecom Generators

NISHIO Equipment also manufactures special diesel generator sets for Telecommunication industry.  To support cellular towers in remote area, our Nishio engines are built for 24 hour continous run with large fuel and engine oil reservoir.  Be sure to check out our special NISHIO gen set. 

NISHIO Gen Set for Telecommunication Industry